Sunday, September 13, 2020


Anna Miller holding a bottle of Toprosan™ Sanitizer

A Gift that Keeps Giving:   Mother's Day Gift 2020 Creates The Sanitizer Company to Kill Covid-19 in the Coachella Valley

The Sanitizer Company - www.Sanitizer.CO was established during the 2020 pandemic.  Anna Miller received the domain name from her son as a Mother's Day gift on May 10, 2020.  Miller had been sheltering in place for 59 days when she received her son's gift.  

Without hesitation, Miller joined the fight against COVID-19.  Relying upon her technical friends for help with a website, they created a beautiful one-stop shop for Sanitizer, Moisturizer and Personal Protection.  
Miller, a 25+ year eCommerce entrepreneur knew how to get the ball rolling.  She contacted long-time friends and colleagues who happen to be making government certified face masks and technical support products.  They collaborated and began offering high quality protective items on the Sanitizer.CO website. 

The Sanitizer Company has been featured in the Desert Sun, on NBC Cares News Palm Springs, Palm Springs POV and on a variety of other Press related websites.  In a short time, the Coachella Valley and the USA were involved in Miller's personal fight against the Coronavirus. 

Miller met Dr. Steven Roffers in Palm Springs and he introduced her to George Sinatra of Martha's Village & Kitchen.  Within a few weeks Miller's The Sanitizer Company donated hundreds of bottles of sanitizer to Marth's Village.  

There are two homeless shelters in the Palm Springs area, and Miller's longtime connection with Well in the Desert of Palm Springs was on top of the list for face masks and sanitizer.  President Arlene Rosenthal was pleased to hear they would be receiving items to help fight the corona-virus among the homeless.

It definitely takes a village to support the "Vision - To Kill Covid-19 in the Coachella Valley."  Miller's commitment, investment and network of wonderful people will indeed make this vision a reality.  Join the Fight Against COVID-19!

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